Server Addons

If you have applied, you will need to follow the tutorial on how to install our mods:


1. Open up your Arma 3 Launcher and press servers.

2. Go onto the internet tab and find the StowMarines Server via IP or Name (using the filter).

3. Press join and it will show all required mods through that. Download them all, then press join with ONLY the listed mods.


Optionally, you can download all of our mods through the ModPacks that are also on the workshop:

StowMarines Required Mods

StowMarines Optional Mods


ACRE2 Installation

Before you can start the installation for ACRE2 you will need to make sure that you have the mod downloaded from the steam workshop (this will be done already when you join the SM Server via the Arma launcher).


1. Turn Teamspeak and Arma 3 off completely.

2. Teamspeak and Arma 3 need to be set to either:

     a. Both run with administrative permissions.


              b. Both run with non-administrative permissions.

3. Whilst Teamspeak is still closed, launch Arma 3.

4. Go to your Arma 3 launcher, navigate to the Mods tab and load the ACRE2 mod.

5. Unload all of your mods and join the SM Server. A popup will appear telling you that the plugin is being installed. Click accept to continue.

6. Launch Teamspeak. Go to Tools > Options > Addons and enable the ACRE2 plugin. Disable Task Force Arma 3 Radio if this is installed and enabled.

7. Join the SM Server to ensure it works correctly.



  • When you are connected to ACRE2 and on the Arma Server you will be moved down to the OPERATIONS ROOM automatically. In this channel you will not be able to hear anyone unless they are in close proximity to your in game character or talking over a radio.
  • You can set up a keybind to toggle your ACRE2 plugin on/off so you can jump out of the OPERATIONS ROOM and into other channels to talk. Go to Tools > Options > Hotkeys > Add Hotkey > Show Advanced Actions > Plugins > Toggle Plugin > acre2, assign a hotkey and click OK.
  • If you receive this message when in the server – WARNING: ACRE IS NOT CONNECTED TO TEAMSPEAK! – Make sure the plugin is enabled in Teamspeak. Also, ensure Arma 3 and Teamspeak are both running with either administrative or non-administrative permissions.
  • If ACRE2 crashes mid-game and your Arma freezes, alt-tab, close and re-launch Teamspeak. Teamspeak should automatically move you to the OPERATIONS ROOM.

If you need to install the mod manually CLICK HERE.

LAST UPDATED 31/05/19 (05/31/19)