In-Game Guidelines

  • All members must treat everyone with respect, no matter their age, rank, race, gender etc.
  • Members will be required to use push-to-talk if they regularly hot mic.
  • Members must attend all events unless a valid LOA is submitted in time. If an LOA is not submitted, members will go through the process stated in the Memberships & Transferrals Document.
  • Members must not use external forms of communications (discord, teamspeak messaging, steam etc) during training sessions and operations.
  • Technical support cannot be requested during events. Individuals are required to check their game/mods etc independently, prior to operations and training sessions.
  • All members must follow the Chain of Command at all times.
  • Members must follow the Complaints Policy system when submitting a complaint.
  • All rifles are to be on safety when at base in operations and training sessions. Weapons may only be taken off of safety when leaving base (and entering an AO or live scenario) or if your relevant leader states otherwise. 
  • Never pick up any form of enemy equipment unless instructed to do so by your relevant leader.
  • If you are on the server whilst there is another live scenario or mission being operated (of which you are not involved in) do not go near or within the AO.
  • Intentional friendly fire will not be tolerated within a training session, mission nor briefing/debrief.
  • During briefings/training sessions/lectures etc, soldiers are not to distract nor disrupt the person leading the session.
  • Only bring up issues that are relevant to the mission/training session in the debrief or after the session.
  • Do not enter a vehicle that you are not supposed to be entering during operations and training sessions.
  • Members must follow our Training & Mission Standards at all times during events.
  • Disciplinary Regulations may and will be enforced on a member if applicable.