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[Sticky] Training Map Update - Version 7.2  


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May 4, 2020 8:30 pm  

Training Map Update - 7.2


This is the core update for this version. Each week (or two) will include slight changes/editions that are mostly impacted by the actions made during training sessions.

For example, the PID and VTR Facilities will become richer in quantities once the relevant asset is seized during MSO Scenarios.



  • Updated to meet the changes/additions seen in the 2 most recent Framework updates
  • Radar behind HQ removed
  • PID Facility Added (Under construction)
  • Vehicular Target Recognition Facility Added (Under Construction)
  • New Unnamed Facility Added near HQ (Under Construction)
  • IDAP Hospital Added in the Paros Province (Under Construction)
  • UAV Terminal Added to the Airfield
  • Slight FPS Improvements
  • You can now spawn Miscellaneous Transport Humvees at the HQ Garage
  • HQ Assistant Added (Will be expanded upon)
  • Delete Vehicle system added
    • New Helipad Closest to ATC
    • Vehicle Repair Box at Vehicle Depot
  • Large Vehicle Spawner added
  • ATC Tower Changes:
    • Radar added on top of Tower
    • Top Floor Furnished
    • Kitchen Furnished
  • HQ Changes
    • Leadership Offices added
      • 2IC StowMarines
      • Unit Adjutant
      • Phoenix Troop Commander
      • Hawk Flight Lieutenant
      • Godfather/Kingfisher
      • Alpha Section Leaders
    • Room Signs added
    • Interrogation Room Furnished
  • Old Kit Text Images removed
  • Ground Vehicle Repair zone removed (repair container added to vehicle depo)
  • Airfield Exterior Fence Reduced
  • Barracks lighting and Bollards added
  • Parking area added near barracks
  • Exterior Fence replaced with cinderwall at the vehicle depot
  • Slight changes to the exterior fence and entrance
  • Slight changes to environmental objects

Staff Team
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May 4, 2020 8:32 pm  

Paros Hospital (Under Construction):

PID Facility (Under Construction):

UAV Terminal:

ATC Tower:

ATC Kitchen:

Leadership Offices:

Barracks + New Unnamed Facility:

Vehicular Target Recognition: