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Operation Tiger Line - Warning Order  


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May 2, 2020 4:00 pm  


Most of the scientists were rescued successfully in the previous op, but the data was not found in the AO. 


Our Satellite images were able to find a vehicle that took off during the fight, of which we assume was carrying the data. The intel from this vehicle revealed much more than we first expected. The vehicle returned to one of the outposts of the unknown PMC group from previous operations. 


The PMC group (codenamed “Tiger”) and the militia that captured the scientists are connected and both of the forces seem to be holding the outpost. 


Four important locations have been positioned out of this intel:


Their communications compound. 

A research station, of which we do not know what they have inside.

2x Possible HQ compounds due to the activity that occurs around it.



Primary Task - Recover the lost data

Secondary Task(s) - Obtain any possible intel, Capture any high ranking officers



Map - Lythium


Enemy Force’s Faction - Middle Eastern Militia, Tiger (Private Military Company)


Timings - Phoenix 1915 Zulu

              - Alpha & Hawk Leadership 1945 Zulu

  - Alpha & Hawk 2000 Zulu



Equipment - Cable Ties

Vehicle Types - Alpha via Hawk, Phoenix discretion

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