Welcome to the StowMarines

We are a NATO, Arma 3, Combined Arms MilSim unit

Who are We?

We are an English speaking Clan based all around the world, though we are on British time.

We currently have a US Marine Infantry Platoon, MARSOC Troop, NATO Rotary Squadron and dedicated mission makers.

How To Apply

Want to join our Unit? Please head over to our Apply Page and fill out the form.


Our normal schedule is the Following


Unit Training –  8:30pm BST


Main Mission – 8:00pm BST

Any other days are updated on our Events Calendar


Our Missions

Our Missions are created by and Zeus’ed by a team of Mission Makers, which allows for the most immersive battles.

Our trainings are handcrafted each week to allow the best experience possible.

We take pride in offering a fun and enjoyable experience during both our Missions and Training days.


Our Sections

StowMarines is made up of three main sections, all with their unique tactics and roles in the Battlefield.

Marine Corps

Phoenix Troop

Hawk Squadron


What Mods do we use?

You can check out what mods we use by heading to the Download page under the servers tab.

Social Links

Need to Contact Us?

Arma 3 Unit Page


Our Gratitude

Your donations are much appreciated as it’s what keeps us going.

With your contributions, we are able to create a great community to enjoy and have good fun with.

Like what you see?

Head over to our apply page and join our community!