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Who are we?:

We are a NATO, Arma 3, Combined Arms MilSim unit.

We are a British clan but all nationalities are welcome (as long as you can speak English and attend events).

We currently have a US Marines IR, NATO SF, Rotary Squadron and dedicated mission makers.

What is different about our clan:

We make our missions and training are as realistic as possible whilst still having a bucket load of fun!

We also offer opportunities to progress into different areas, such: the Marines Corps, NATO Special Forces, and a Rotary Squadron.

Times & Events:

We have a training session on Fridays from 8:00pm GMT and a main mission
on Saturdays from 8:00pm GMT as well as an optional Sunday event from 8:00pm.


All of our mods can be found on our server in the default A3 Vanilla Launcher.


How do I apply?:

Head over to the apply page, to see if you are eligible and what to do next!

Our Arma 3 Unit Page:



Contact Us


We hope to see you in the field soon!